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Adventure Trailer Plans


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About Our Off Road or Adventure Trailer Plans

The plans and instructions contain 70 pages of detailed step by step instructions and materials list. They contain all of the measurements, sketches, drawings and images you need to eliminate any guess work.

These plans also include the materials list as well as the step by step instructions for building the adjustable height tent platform. We give you two separate materials lists, one for the trailer and one for the tent platform because some people just want to build the box trailer without the tent platform.


These plans let you build the off road tent trailer as well as an off road trailer without the tent platform and a regular box trailer.

Image from the off road trailer plans.

About The 4x6 Off Road Trailer

This is our jeep style off road 4x4 tent trailer, also called an adventure trailer. This trailer is designed to be rugged enough to go anywhere your vehicle can pull it, this trailer can provide extra room to carry your gear and comfortable camping accommodations in places ordinary pop-up campers could never go.

This is one of our most versatile trailers. You can build this trailer as the off road adventure style tent trailer you see above or you can also build this trailer as a regular box trailer by leaving off the tent platform and using regular highway suspension and tires. It can also be built as a simple off road box trailer without the tent platform if you just want to use it to haul your gear. This trailer has also been built by a kayak enthusiast with the platform which he uses to haul his kayak on and loads his gear in the trailer underneath.

Looking For The Perfect Bug Out Trailer?

With the roof top tent always ready to go and attached to the platform, you have plenty of room to keep emergency supplies stored in the trailer below and if you build the little platform on the tongue as we did, you have room for a tool box and a large ice chest as well as a propane tank on the tongue leaving you all that extra room inside the trailer. You can also attach the brackets to hold hold water cans and fuel cans to the outside of the trailer leaving you that extra room as well.


And if you really want to get creative, you can put slide out drawers at the very back of the trailer and place a gas stove on one and your cooking utensils and spices in the others, and once your in camp just run your propane line from your bottle to your stove. Then when you open the tailgate you can just slide your stove out and start cooking. And because it is an off road trailer, you can take it where ever your vehicle will go. For those same reasons, this makes a perfect hunting trailer as well.

The tent platform is to be used with your vehicle roof top tent, we do not provide instructions for making a tent. If you do not already own a roof top tent, we include links and information to places they can be purchased in the plans.

Specs For The 4 x 6 Off Road Trailer


* Frame: Tube Steel

* Cross Members: Tube Steel

* Tongue : Tube Steel

* Trailer Size: 4’ x 6'

* GVWR: 3000#


We have put our 4 x 6 off road trailer plans in high quality pdf format and made them available for instant download so you will receive your plans as soon as your payment is complete.

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4' X 6' Off Road Adventure Trailer Plans In High Quality pdf format.

4 x 6 Off Road or Adventure Trailer
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