All Of Our Trailer Plans Come With Complete, Easy To Follow,

Step By Step Building Instructions And Materials List.

Every Trailer That We Sell Plans For Has Been Built And Road Tested.

Now located in Northwest New Mexico. We have been designing and building trailers since 2000 and we have been selling our trailer plans online since 2005. So we know trailers and we know what you need in a set of trailer plans to be able to build a trailer from those plans. Every trailer that we sell plans for has been built and road tested. All of our trailer plans come with the complete step by step instructions and materials list.


Our most popular and best selling plans are for our Teardrop Trailers and our 4x4 Off Road Tent Trailer. We take a lot of pride and put a lot of time into our trailer plans.

And when you purchase trailer plans from us, we will update those plans free for life. For example, if you purchased a set of teardrop trailer plans and then you got too busy to actually start your build and a year later you are finally going to start building your teardrop trailer, just send us an email with your payment info and we will send you a copy of the most current set of plans. The reason our plans get updated is that we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our plans, so we may have updated the plans with building tips or we may have found a better deal on parts need for those plans so we put the info in the plans for our customers.

Our plans have been designed with the our customers in mind from start to finish with the following goals at the top of our list:
#1. To build a safe sturdy trailer at the lowest possible cost.
#2. To make the construction of the trailers as easy as possible.
#3. To make sure the plans and instructions are well explained and easy for anyone to read and understand.

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With the exception of the Hard Copies, all of our trailer plans will be delivered to you immediately by instant download. All of our downloadable Trailer Plans are in high quality pdf format so they can be opened on any device with a pdf reader.


We have worked hard at keeping the files compressed as much as possible for easy download. The largest files we have for download are right around 3MB and those are the teardrop trailer plans and the 4 x 6 off road trailer plans which contain 70 to 75 pages each. If you purchase on of our trailer plan bundles, you will be able to download the plans individually. If you are interested in the Hard Copies of our plans, please visit that page on our site for more information or to purchase a hard copy set of plans.

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We are currently NOT excepting PayPal payments on our websites due to an issue with our customers not receiving their purchased plans when they use PayPal payments to pay for their purchases. All payments will need to be with a credit or debit card or any of the forms of payments that "Stripe" our ssl secure payment gateway excepts. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will be putting PayPal back on our sites as a payment option as soon as we figure out and resolve the delivery issue.

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