Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you have plans for goose neck trailers?

A. No. Not at this time.

Q. Do the plans come with instructions for building the ramps?

A. Yes. With the exception of the Teardrop Camp Trailer Plans, all of our trailer plans include instructions for building the ramps. If the trailer comes with the plans for the ramp gate, you will still get instructions for building the angle iron ramps as well.


Q. On the 8' wide car or utility trailers, how wide are the axles?

A. 102" wide.


Q. Do you accept personal checks?

A. No I'm sorry we no longer accept personal checks



Q. Am I required to put the electric brakes on the shorter utility trailers such as the 8 x 14?

A. No. We provide the installation instructions for the electric brakes with all of our trailer plans in case you should need them, but you are not required to install them.



Q. How do I get a registration and license plate for my car trailer once it is completed?

A. Once you have completed your trailer you will take it to a DMV and have a DOT inspection. Be sure to keep all of your receipts for the materials that you purchase to build your trailer in an envelope and take them with you when you have the inspection done as they ask for these in most states.

Q. Do you make custom plans for people if they want a different size then what you have on your website? And if so, what do you charge?

A. Yes and No. We do for most requests, but it really depends on what you want. If this is something that you are interested in, send us an email and let us know what you want and we will let you know if we will do it and if so we will include a price quote.



Q. Do you have plans for single axle trailers? And if not, can you make a set of plans for me?

A. Yes. See our "6' Wide Single Axle Trailer Plans" or our "5' Wide Single Axle Trailer Plans" page to see what we have. We also have plans for a single axle 4'x 6' Off Road Trailer



Q. Do you build trailers for people?

A. No. The trailers that we build are for the purpose of research and testing for our trailer plans, we are not a trailer manufacturing company.


Q. I’m interested in your teardrop trailer plans, how long will it take me to build it?

A. There is no way we can tell you how long it will take you to complete the trailer, everyone works at a different pace. People with more experience in building are going to take less time then someone who has never built anything before. And some people will work on build their trailer 2 hours a day while others may work on theirs 5 hours a day. So there are just too many variables for us to be able to tell you how long the building will take you.


If you still have questions please send us a message from our "Contact Us" page.