8' x 20' Tandem Axle Car Trailer Plans

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8' x 20' Heavy Duty Car Trailer Plans

With complete step by step instructions and materials list. Plus free instructions on installing the electric brakes.

Contains over 45 pages.

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Specs For The 8 x 20 Car Trailer

* Axle Type: Tandem Axle

* GVWR: 10,000#

* Frame: 5" Channel

* Cross Members: 4" Channel

* Actual Deck Size: 86" by 20'



We have put our car trailer plans in high quality pdf format and made them available for instant download so you will receive your plans as soon as your payment is complete.

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8' X 20' Tandem Axle Car Trailer Plans In High Quality pdf Format

8 x 20 Tandem Axle Car trailer
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