8' Wide Utility Trailer Plans

Image of our 8' wide flatbed and utility trailers.
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8' Wide Tandem Axle Utility Trailer Plans

About Our Flatbed And Utility Trailer Plans

Our 8' wide utility landscape trailer plans all come with complete step by step building instructions, materials list and several free bonus files including the step by step instructions on installing the electric brakes.

These trailers really are not hard to build. A couple items you may want to invest in if you do not already own them that will make life easier while building the frame are a couple 45/90 degree welders clamps. Now you can find these fairly cheap as long as you don’t feel the need to purchase the big brand names. I have seen them on Amazon.com for under $20. You do not have to have them to build these trailers, but it sure makes life easier when it comes to getting the main frame square so you can put your first tack welds on the corners.

We have plans for six different sizes of the 8' wide tandem utility trailers. Three of those are heavy duty utility trailers with a gvwr of 10,000#. Those are the three largest of the 8' wide utility trailers, the 8' x 20', the 8' x 18' and the  8' x 16'. We also have three smaller 8' wide utility trailers, 8 x 14, 8 x 12 and 8 x 10 .


With the exception of the 8 x 20 and the 8 x 18 trailers, all of the other 8' wide utility trailer plans also come with the plans and instructions for building the ramp gate as well as the instructions for building the angle iron ramps. Our plans also include instructions for building the trailers with a wood deck or a metal deck.

Images of the trailers being built from our trailer plans.

When we built our trailers we found a way to save right at $1,000 on the cost of building the trailers and we have shared that information with you in our plans so that if wish to use that option you can.

The actual deck width on our 8' wide trailers is 86" wide. The actual deck length of each trailer of a set of plans is the length given for that particular trailer. So for example, the actual deck size of our 8' x 20' trailer will be 86" wide x 20' long.

We take a lot of pride in our trailer plans and when we took the information from our designs and built these trailers, we took the time to figure out the easiest ways the trailers could be built as well as keeping the cost as low as possible without effecting the structural integrity of the trailer. And then when we took all of that information and put it into a set of plans, we tried to make sure that every step of building process was clearly explained.

And of course the instructions are included for building the side rails. The materials list is organized with the main materials list for the trailer itself first, next you will find the materials list for the side rails, and the materials list for the ramp gate is in the ramp gate plans which is included with all of these plans except the 20' and the 18'.

Some Of The Main Features

* Includes the ramp gate plans.
* Tandem axle trailers.
* Easy to build.
* Pass DOT inspection.
* Money saving tips.

* Instructions for the angle iron ramps.

* Contains over 45 pages.
* Includes wiring diagram.
* Instructions on installing electric brakes.
* Build with or without a dovetail.
* Instructions for a wood deck or a metal deck.


The plans include the step by step building instructions and materials list. This means that all of the necessary measurements, sketches, images and drawings that you need to build these trailers from start to finish are included. As well the the step by step instructions that walk you through each step of the building process. We have also included the instructions for building the angle iron loading ramps.

All of our 8' wide utility trailer plans contain over 45 pages to eliminate any guess work.

DIY Utility Trailers

To see the individual specs for each utility trailer, visit the page for the individual utility trailer plans by selecting it from one of links below.

8' Wide Tandem Axle Utility Trailer