Teardrop Trailer Plans

Image of 5x8 teardrop trailer and 5x10 teardrop trailer.
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You can now purchase the paperback book of the 5x8 or 5x10 Teardrop Camp Trailer Building Manual on Amazon

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5x8 Teardrop Trailer Plans and 5x10 Teardrop Trailer Plans

Teardrop Camp Trailer Plans

About Our Teardrop Trailer Plans

The information below applies to both the 5 x 8 teardrop trailer and the 5 x 10 teardrop trailer unless one specific size is specified. Since the only difference between our 5 x 8 teardrop trailer and our 5 x 10 teardrop trailer is the size and the profile of the trailer.


We have two teardrop trailer plans available, our Classic Style 5 x 8 Teardrop Trailer and our
Benroy Style 5 x 10 Teardrop Trailer. With the plans, step by step building instructions and materials list, both sets of plans contain over 65 pages. Although most people choose to use one of the little bolt together trailers for the frame or other prefabricated trailer, we also included the plans and building instructions for the frame in case you want to build your own. Something you won't find with our competitors.

Image of the bolt together trailer frame.

If you do use one of the little bolt together trailers for the frame, there is no welding needed to build these trailers.

About Our Teardrop Trailers

Our 5 x 8 and our 5 x 10 Teardrop Camp Trailers have enough room for a queen size mattress that only weigh between 600 - 700 lbs.  And we show you how we saved hundreds of dollars on the cost of building our teardrops.

Years ago when I decided to build my first teardrop trailer, I had purchased several different sets of plans and I was unable to use any of them. They were either incomplete, badly copied old magazine article, or just plain unsafe.

After becoming frustrated, I spoke to a friend who also designs and builds trailers, and between the two of us we came up with the design and set of plans for our 5 x 8 teardrop trailer, then as we built our first teardrop trailer, we wrote out step by step, easy to understand instructions including the measurements, sketches, images and drawings.

Since then we have built a number of these little camp trailers, and our latest 5 x 10 teardrop trailer which provides even more room.

And fortunately for you, as we continued building these trailers, we learned a few tricks along the way, so we updated the instructions and included some tips and tricks we learned to give you the best information possible.

One of the concerns that a number of our customers seemed to have was their ability to draw the profile. So we tackled the problem and we came up with a fool proof technique that will enable anyone to draw a perfect, smooth curve for the profile every time, even if you can't draw a straight line. And you don't need any special tools period. We believe its better then a template and most all of our customers agree.

Drawing The Profile

Image of the profile drawing for the teardrop trailer.

Using our method to draw the profile, you can easily draw a smooth perfect curve every time.

Easier To Build Hatch

Besides drawing the profile, the other biggest concern we heard from our customers was about something called bow back (I have also seen it called spring back) when building the hatch. Bow back or spring back is when the luan is bent and placed over the ribs of the hatch, it can try to straighten back out and pull the hatch out of shape and you can end up with a gap.

So we also tackled this issue as well and we came up with a very easy way to build the hatch and you won't have to worry about bow back either. And drawing the curve of your hatch so that matches the curve of your sidewalls is simple as well because we have you use the corner pieces that you cut off your sidewalls as your template for the hatch. So its easy to build and easy to get a perfect fit.

Image of the built hatch for the teardrop trailer.

Some Of The Features

1. Very easy to build with our step by step instructions.


2. Features room for a queen size mattress.

3. Instructions for building the teardrop using one of the little kit trailers for the frame is included.

4. Safe on the road, good balance, no swaying or bouncing etc.

5. You can very easily customize about any part of this trailer.

6. Light weight, can be towed behind your Honda Civic or other small vehicle.

7. Will not effect your fuel mileage much at all.

8. We show you a very simple fool proof way to draw the profile.


9. Includes wiring diagram and instructions.

10. If you use one of the kit trailers for your frame, there will be no welding and you will not need to have the DOT inspection.

11. You will get our email address in case you have any questions along the way.

12. Over 65 pages of information to ensure every step is well explained.

13. Includes the trailer frame plans as well.

14. We show you how we saved hundreds of dollars on the cost of building either of these trailers.

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