ATV Trailer Plans

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Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Plans

About Our ATV or OHV Trailer Plans

Our atv trailer plans all come with complete step by step instructions, materials list and several free bonus files including the step by step instructions on installing the electric brakes.


All of the atv trailer plans include the step by step building instructions, materials list and

contain over 40 pages.

The plans also include the plans and instructions for building the 4’ ramp gate as well as the angle iron ramps.The instructions for building the optional dovetail have also been included in case you may want it on your trailer. And we included the instructions for building the trailers with a wood deck or a metal deck so that you can choose what best suits your individual needs.

We saved a little over $1000 on the cost of building these trailers and the plans tell

you how we did it.

About Our DIY ATV Trailers

All of the atv trailers that we have plans for are 8' wide tandem axle trailers. The actual deck width on the atv trailers is 86". There are three atv trailer sizes that we sell plans for. We have one heavy duty atv trailer which could also be used to haul equipment or heavy machinery, that is our 16' atv trailer and it has a gvwr of 10,000#. We also have plans for two other atv trailers, a 14' and a 10' atv trailer. Both of those trailers have a gvwr of 7000#.

Image of atv trailers with ramps dowm.

Some Of The Main Features

* Easy To Build

* The Trailer Is Sturdy & Safe

* The Trailer Is Tandem Axle

* We saved over $1000 on the cost and the plans tell you how we did it.

* Will Pass DOT Inspection

* Rear Loading & Side Loading

* Includes Instructions For The 4’ Ramp Gate And Angle Iron Ramps

* Includes Instructions For A Wood Deck Or A Metal Deck

* Includes Instructions For Building An Optional Dovetail

* Includes A Free File On Installing Electric Brakes

* Includes Wiring Diagram

* The Plans, Instructions And Materials List Contain Over 40 Pages

Since the time that we first started selling our plans online, we have continuously updated our plans, either changing a part of the instructions so that they are easier to understand or because we have found an easier way to complete a certain step in the building process, so that you will have the best product we could possibly provide.

To see the individual specs for each ATV trailer, visit the page for that individual ATV trailer by selecting it from one of links below.

Image of the 8x14 atv trailer.